7 Worldwide Logistics

Another Impressive Heavy Cargo Delivery by #7WL #WITS

15.09.2023 At #7WL, we are always in pursuit of new challenges, continuously striving to redefine excellence in logistics. Our latest mission, nominated by a valued customer, was yet another exceptional journey. Our task involved transporting an imposing Hackrotor, measuring 470x320x250 cm and boasting an impressive weight of 27 tons, all the way from the supplier […]


14.09.2023 In April we already announced that the 7WL Project Team is busy with handling press line equipment for one of our main customers. Last week we loaded next BBK shipment for current / new project up to YANTIAN on Container Vessel MV “OOCL Turkiye” on a bed of 5×40’FR. The cargo was originally collected […]

Breaking Boundaries: Safely Shipping of 2 heavy Steam Drums from Masan to the Persian Gulf Area

13.09.2023 We’re thrilled to share another successful transportation endeavor at 7WL! Our latest project involved the precarriage of two massive steam drums, each measuring 1362x381x402 cm and weighing an impressive 120 tons each, from suppliers factory in Masan to the Persian Gulf Area. This was a challenging undertaking that required meticulous planning and precise execution. […]

From North to South across borders

08.05.2023 We are delight to share some news about a quite challenging cross trade handled by the 7WL project team in Bremen. Around 8 months ago the 7WL Team has been approached to arrange the first transport studies on behalf of 7WLs regular customer for 2 Heavy Lifts (Ram + Plate) ex Windsor, CAN till […]

Busy months for 7WL with handling press line equipment

24.04.2023 7WL is very proud to report about other current ongoing projects for new press-line(s) to POD Nansha, China. Actually we are handling two projects for same customer at the same time to the same POD. Each project is covering the volume of approx. 100 – 110 x 40’ containers, 30 x Flats  and some […]

Reels to Shanghai

20.04.2023 After several weeks of preparation in close consultation with the Exporter, 7WL can proudly announce another successful move of Heavy Cargo. The “difficulty” to overcome in this case was the almost 40 tons per reel with 2 reels in total to move. With the 7WL team those difficulties were handled and solved in no […]

7WL got nominated to move a huge asphalt mixing plant to the US

We can report on another successful project. In February 2023, we were instructed by our customer to take care about a transport of a large asphalt mixing plant to the USA. With a volume of around 30×40’FR with over width and height, more then 30×40’OT and various loads of Break Bulk with pieces which are […]

7WL moves heating equipment to Egypt

24.02.2023 7WL can report another successfully completed project. On behalf of our partner from Egypt, we took over 3 boilers as well as various containers with accessories from a well-known manufacturer in the seaport of Hamburg and shipped them to Alexandria, Egypt. The boilers had a weight of approx. 55 tons, dimensions of nearly 10 […]

Bitumen Tanks ex Germany to France

15.02.2023 7WL just recently finished another inland OOG transport job for one of their customers. After a preparation time of a few weeks 7WL managed the loading of the 3 bitumen tanks from loading point close to Hanover without any problems and successfully arranged the planned delivery after 2 transport nights to  the unloading place […]

7WL launches another highly interesting relocation project

27.01.2023 After several weeks of planning, 7WL can announce that together with their EPN partners Logimar Italy and Aqua Logistic Bahrain and their GIRN partner POL-Inowex, they have been awarded the contract to ship a rolling mill that is being dismantled in Bahrain to Italy. The volume is approx. 200 containers and approx. 80 pieces […]

Crane Girders ex Germany to Arizona, USA

06.01.2023 7WL is happy to share some news about a recently finished project ex Germany to USA. On behalf of their customer – a well known supplier for hoisting equipment – we arranged the transport of several crane girders with length up to 28 meter and accessories packed in boxes with a maximum width of […]

7WL involved into Biofuel Engine deliveries to Saudi Arabia

18.11.2022 Since more than 2 months already 7WL Bremen is involved into the delivery process for the “Red Sea” Project in Saudi Arabia. The project as a part of Saudi Vision 2030 will be powered by solar power plants combined with battery storage backed up by GenSets.  The scope of the order covers several different […]

FCL Break Bulk Parcel via Umm Qasr Port till door Baghdad

06.09.2022 7WL is proud to share another news about a project which has been executed by their team in Bremen. On behalf of a world leading producer of Heat Exchanger in the oil and gas sector we have executed the transport of 10 Units Secondary Quench Exchanger together with spare parts and lifting devices having […]

80 tons Crusher Unit from West to East

18.08.2022 We are happy to report about another transport executed by 7WLs Project Department. Just recently we loaded another Crusher Unit (1935 x 300 x 408 cms // 78,3 tons) from Moerdijk, NL to construction site close to Gdynia. Transport was performed by 4 Axle Mercedes Truck in combination with 7 Axle Trailer and will […]

FOB Hamburg for India by fleet of barges

14.07.2022 7WL just recently a bigger FOB shipment on behalf of a well known world leading producer of pressure vessel, heat exchangers and compressors. The total volume consisted of 48 Secondary Line Exchanger (Top and Bottom) , 4  USX Units, several Lifting Devices and spare parts in cases. Alltogether we faced a transport volume of […]

Challenging 69 tons Trafo Transport to Greece

28.06.2022 7WL Bremen just recently finished the transport of a 69 tons Trafo from Eltmann, Germany to Piraeus Port Greece incl. arranging the mobile crane for lifting ex storage place onto truck. The timeline of this transport was under special pressure as the trafo was urgently needed in Greece for support of existing equipment during […]

7WL is moving chemical plant from Italy to India

10.06.2022 7WL Bremen is recently doing another transports of a chemical plant from Italy to India. The project is about 250-300 container + around 1500cbm ODC cargo. The nomination to 7WL was done by our fellow EPN Partner Express Global India who are the contract holder of the complete logistics chain towards the buyer.   […]

Large crane girder from Germany to Lithuania

10.06.2022 7WL got nominated by their customer Scheffer Krantechnik to move crane Girder from their factory to Lithuania. In total 4 girder were moved with a length of close to 30 meter each. Additionally there were some spare and assembly parts. The transport was done in direct way without reloading from factory to unloading place […]

20.05.2022 Update: Relocation of a coal power plant from Southern Germany to Pakistan

20.05.2022 After some time which was used for planning of dismantling, the dismantling work itself and transport planning, 7WL can report about successful start of a relocation of a coal power plant from Southern Germany to Pakistan. With a total volume of 250 containers and around 3000cbm of Break Bulk cargo this project is again […]

Valencia Port Operations

7WL just recently assisted one of our subcontractors to perform the import port handling at Port of Valencia, Spain for some construction parts with destination North Germany. So the usual business relationship switched this time. The incoming vessel “AAL Paris” berthed after a few days waiting on anchorage due to bad weather at Valencia Container […]

Scandinavia to US and Ireland

7WL is happy to report about another finished project in one of our main business sections. On behalf of IPPE, a world-leading player of used process plants & processes and used / second-hand process equipment we managed the transport of 3 reactors ex Oulu, Finland to DAP Site USA as well to another site in […]

7WL finished delivery of overdimensional crane girder incl. equipment to Hungary

11.02.2022 7WL was nominated by their customer to move 3 sets of overhead cranes incl. equipment for a new automotive factory of a german car brand. After around 2-3 month of planning and some small changes in delivery plan the units were loaded at factory in Eastern Germany in two LOTs and delivered after 2 […]

Relocation Project from Germany to India

02.02.2022 We are happy to report about another finished project in one of our main business sectors. 7WL just recently finished the transport of a dismantled Sugar Mixing Plant from Warburg, Germany to CFR Mumbai, India. The dismantling operations started end November and ended mid December. Within this timeframe 7WL has loaded successively the OOG […]

7WL busy with Engine deliveries to Turkey

31.01.2022 We are happy to report about another batch of Engines being handled by the 7WL Project Team. End of 2021 we have been taken over 2 Sets of Engines incl. accessories from customers fabrication yard for delivery to final destination in Canakkale Biga, Turkey. 2 Units  Engine 7L  // each 605 x 233 x […]

Start of 2022 with difficult transports from Switzerland to Antwerp

17.01.2022 The 7WL-Team in Switzerland is directly busy at the beginning of the new year with the first challenging transports from Schwitzerland to Antwerp. Last year the dismantling team of project manager Michal Makowski, Company POL-Inowex were dismantling 4 big items from the plant. Details are: 1 silo / 2500 x 590 x 590cm / […]

Cross Trade „par excellence“ from India to Trinidad + Tobago

30.12.2021 We would like to report about another just executed job by the 7WL Project Team on behalf of our customer who is specialized in the construction of large industrial projects and global leader in natural gas derived products. The scenario we faced by customer was to move a 64 tons Unit from India to […]

Also the small things matter sometimes..

28.12.2021 Actually 7WL is carrying out a small project consisting out of several truck loads out of Germany to Arrecife, Lanzarote. Neither the weight nor the dimensions are that “special” that anything needs to published related to the same normally, but sometimes a single email or a picture can change this.. Within this project a […]

FOB Project for MDF Plant to India

23.12.2021 We are happy to report about another project where we recently started our operations. On behalf of one of main and longterm customers we have been nominated to the handle the complete scope till FOB Hamburg for shipment to India. The complete volume consists of around 100 x 40’HC, 30 x 40’FR and as […]

Across the Atlantic Ocean

21.12.2021 7WL just recently managed another delivery for their ongoing Egypt Project. The 2 main items of the Recycling Part of the MDF Plant have been collected out of Springville, Tennessee, USA . 7WL was responsible for the complete scope ex suppliers production yard via POL Savannah till arrival Alexandria Port. Cargo was loaded as […]

Another busy week for 7WL in Switzerland

21.12.2021 7WL moved first quite huge items from site in Switzerland to Antwerp. Dims of the largest items: 2500 x 450 x 470cm with a weight of 50 tons 1350 x 350 x 460cm with a weight of 30 tons 1350 x 350 x 420cm with a weight of 28 tons The challenge this time […]

Another week of OOG Loadings

15.11.2021 As we have already reported 2 weeks ago 7WL is actually handling a one year contract for transport of a dismantled Refinery from Switzerland to Antwerp. With reference to the same we would like to share a short recap of 1 week operation on site. Beside the shown OOG units we have as well […]

7WL completed transport of XXL Crane Girder within Germany

04.11.2021 After several month of planning, 7WL finished the transport of 2 Crane Girder with each 47,5 Meter and  40 tons unit weight. As the location of final receiver could not be reached by direct trucks due to infrastructure limitations,  7WL had to find a different solution to finish the transport with success. After a […]

Relocation Project in another Dimension

19.10.2021 When you think it can’t get bigger – you will notice that there is always a level above. The pure numbers as appetizer as follows: Project duration: around 1 year Volume FCL: around 1600 ( !!!)  SOC Container Volume Break Bulk: around 30.000 FRT Max dimensions:  28000 x 560 x 560 cms Max weight: […]

7WL finished transport of 3 paper production lines from Germany to Bangladesh

18.10.2021 After a period of more or less 8 month, 7WL finished their project in Aalen. Within this time, 7WL loaded around 500 container and oversize items and shipped the same to Bangladesh. Also during these crazy times with high rates, less avaibility of equipment and full vessels, 7WL was able to make his customer […]

7WL at Project Forum during WOF-Expo

13.10.2021 Our CEO&Partner, Juergen Weyhausen, recently took part as speaker at the project-forum during first time happening WOF-Expo in Bratislava this week together with high rank industry-experts Marin Skufca/CEO&Partner LiburniaMaritime Agency Croatia, Henrik Slothuus Hansen/Chartering & Head of Legal Department Ocean7 Projects Denmark and Jos Swets/Commercial Manager Oudkerk BV from The Netherlands. We had a […]

7WL with another project start

21.09.2021 Since already a few months 7WL has fixed another project for one of their main regular customers, but the start was delayed. Now we are back on track and started with first 2 parts of the same. Within Germany and partly remaining parts of Europe we have collected the volume for around 20×40’HC as […]

German Crane Girders for Spain

31.08.2021 On behalf of 7WL’s customer Scheffer Krantechnik we have just recently performed the transport of 2 x  28m long crane girders from Scheffers production place in Sassenberg, Germany till assembly place in Aranda de Duero, Spain. Details of the girders: each 2814 x 219 x 173 cms / each 15 tons The trucks have […]

Reformer Parts heading to Persian Gulf

26.08.2021 7WL has just recently finished another job for 2 of their customers. On one hand the german supplier awarded 7WL with transport till FOB Antwerp where on the other side consignee nominated 7WL for the oceanfreight package as well. The shipment consisted of 33 wooden cases  reformer parts with about 1000 FRT in total. […]

7WL busy with crusher movements within last weeks

24.08.2021 During the last 4 weeks 7WL has arranged several transports of crusher units from different place to East Europe incl. Russia. As each of the units got a remarkable weight as well as height 7WL has looked – depending on origin / destination – for the best transport solution case by case. A small […]

Part Charter from Bremen to Alexandria

Just 1,5 month ago we reported about the start of a new project to Egypt. Last week MV “Zeycan Ana” left Neustädter Hafen, Bremen with around 2000 CBM / 500 tons cargo heading to Alexandria now. The original intention was to ship the complete volume basis 40’HC / 40’FR and Mafis – divided between 2 […]

Another new project for 7WL

12.07.2021 7WL, one of the leading project-logistics company for 2nd hand industrial plants/industrial relocation projects has been awarded the next project of a used power plant to be commissioned, packed, labelled, lifted and transported from Germany to Asia. All project management and supervision at jobsite is done by 7WL-experts. The shipments consist of 150×40‘ HC […]

Fire Fighting Equipment to Sri Lanka

05.07.2021 7WL Bremen would like to share another news about delivery of fire fighting trucks to Sri Lanka. On behalf of Rosenbauer, Austria another batch of 6 Tank Fire Trucks ( each 785 x 250 x 340 / each 12,1 tons) as well as one Mobile Command Vehicle ( 851 x 250 x 375 / […]

7 Worldwide Logistics (7WL) takes next steps for digitalization

28.06.2021 Last week, 7WL started a partnership with a digital service provider for project-ship-chartering. From now on 7WL can provide suitable charter or part charter-tonnage within seconds. The system allows us to have the right ship at the right place and the right freight-costs much faster than ever before. No more emailing is necessary, no […]

Dismantled Press to India by 7WL

21.6.2021 A few weeks ago 7WL has been approached by one of their business partners in order to help them with a special shipment of a dismantled press for requested destination  Ennore or Mundra, India. Cargo consisted of following items: 1 x Main Body  765/500/250 cm/  105.000 kg 1 x Case 840/295/120 cm / 6.000 […]

Next Project by 7WL – MDF Wood and Recycling Plant to Egypt

14.06.2021 7WL is proud to report about another project that has just recently started to become operational and is on the move now. We have been nominated to handle the complete logistics chain for a new MDF Wood plant in combination with a Recycling Part. The volume for Seafreight consists of around 150 x 40’HC […]

USX Legs ex Germany till Site USA

04.06.2021 7WL is just executing another transport for one of their main customers. 2 pieces of USX Legs as well as some cases accessories are actually on the Atlantic Ocean heading to US Port Houston. Cargo details: 1848 x 127 x 168 cms / 8950kg 2145 x 127 x 175 cms / 10990kg Although the […]

Three times in a row..

31.05.2021 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH (7WL) finished the first of a total of 3 papermachines and started the second machine this week. After the first machine was finally dismantled, loaded and dispatched by 150×40‘ until end of April 2021, 7WL started to load the second machine with a volume of 200×40‘ 7WL is doing everything […]

Mixing Plant Transport within Germany

30.04.2021 7 Worldwide Logistics Bremen is happy to report about another finished project. On behalf of well known world-leading supplier of mixing plants 7WL just recently finished several transports within Germany. The equipment was collected from different origins inside Germany and moved to construction site located in the south of Germany. 7WL had to arrange […]

7WL strikes again

20.04.2021 Just a few days ago 7WL Bremen has finished another job for one of their main customers. The scope started as from suppliers fabrication  in Estonia by taking over Gensets via lowbed trucks for shipment via Ro/Ro ferry to Antwerp port. Last leg from Antwerp port till final yard Westdorpe was covered by barge. […]

MDF Plant ex Europe to China

06.04.2021 7WL is happy to share news about another project under execution just now. For a well known german manufacturer of complete plants for MDF boards, 7WL has been appointed to handle the complete logistics ex factory to CFR Qinzhou, China. The scope includes precarriage ex several origins within Europe, consolidation and seaworthy packing in […]

Marine Crane ex Italy via Hamburg to South Africa

01.04.2021 Just recently 7WL handled on behalf of their Italian Partner Logimar the transport of one Marine Crane to South Africa. The cargo got following data: L x W x H  12,00 x 2,94 x 3,28 m / 44,00 tons Considering the requested POD Durban Logimar as well as 7WL have checked best possible routing […]

Vessel Engine ex India to Shipyard in Turkey

31.03.2021 7WL is happy to report about another movement finalized. On behalf of one of the world leading manufacturer of vessel engines 7WL took over one vessel engine ex factory in Aurangabad, India for further transport to Yalova, Turkey. Cargo consisted of 1x Engine – 650 x 227 x 377 cm – 43.300,00 kgs which […]

Part Charter to Persian Gulf

26.03.2021 Just a few days ago another load was succesfully dispatched ex Antwerp by 7 Worldwide Logistics Gmbh (7WL). The shipment consisted of about 700 FRT with some heavy lift units involved weighting up to 62 tons. 7WL has taken over the cargo as from free arrival barge Antwerp and arranged loading operations, the full […]

7 Worldwide Logistics received ISO-certification in record breaking time!

05.03.2021 7 Worldwide Logistics received ISO-certification in record breaking time! We are proud to have received our first-time ISO certification within a very short period from starting the certification-process and our internal and external management-system is now fully implemented. Try something fresh: try 7WL! #Precision in Shipping – Passion for Logistics #7WL

Linde Forklift from ZA to Europe

01.03.2021 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH ( 7WL) is happy to share another news of a just finished transport. On behalf of one of their german customers 7WL just recently imported one large Linde H 250 D Forklift ex South Africa to Germany. The unit was loaded at shippers facility in Johannesburg, ZA and moved via […]

7 Worldwide Logistics started paper-mill-project from Germany to Asia

05.02.2021 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH (7WL) started the project to move a 2nd hand paper mill from Germany to Asia. The total volume consists of 450×40′ containers plus some breakbulk-pieces (heavy lifts and oog-units). All technical supervision, pre-carriages, oceanfreights, customs operations, RFID-labelling and other value-adding-services are provided by 7WL. The project will go on until […]