Relocation Project in another Dimension

7 Worldwide Logistics


When you think it can’t get bigger – you will notice that there is always a level above. The pure numbers as appetizer as follows:

Project duration: around 1 year

Volume FCL: around 1600 ( !!!)  SOC Container

Volume Break Bulk: around 30.000 FRT

Max dimensions:  28000 x 560 x 560 cms

Max weight:  192 tons

Working hours of 7WL Team: uncountable

Since 5 weeks already now 7WL has started the operation to move a complete refinery from Switzerland to Antwerp Port which does involve around 30-40 FCL loadings as well as around 10-20 OOG loadings per week.

In order to establish a competitive set up – pricewise and operational  – 7 WL is using the complete range of freight forwarding.

The positioning as well as full pick up of the FCL part is being done by a mix of barge, rail as well as truck involvements – depending on actual needs and options. And same goes for the OOG part of this project – depending on the loads per week we check for the best suitable way to move the cargo to Antwerp port area – by direct trucks or alternatively of course by barge combinations.

7WL is on site during the complete project duration – supervising the logistic operations, discussing on different scenarios and options and last but not least of course as troubleshooter if needed.

Together with our partners and subcontractors we look forward to an exciting time…

And of course: We will send regular updates…