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7 Worldwide Logistics


7 Worldwide Logistics (7WL)

7 Worldwide Logistics (7WL) is an allrounder in the Global Logistics Industry with a special focus on project logistics and cross trades. Our dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced teams provide a high level of services covering all aspects of modern special projects logistics.

Though young, we have years of experience in providing customized solutions for our clients. We do our best to provide bespoke services regardless of the shipment size (small or large) and its mode (rail, sea, land or air). We strive to be the worldwide key player in global logistics. With passion for challenges, our team members have completed numbers of special projects always meeting high expectations of our clients. Each of the projects required lots of attention due to its complexity and necessity to apply unique consulting approaches.

The more difficult you think it is, the more we want to do it!


Our German office is located in Bremen in consort with our worldwide partners can arrange every kind of sea transport, no matter where in the world you need it. Always happy to go an extra mile


Apply our precision to your unique projects


We offer all kinds of truck and rail solutions worldwide both for general-cargo and project cargoes incl. any kind/size of heavy lifts and out of gauge cargo. We always find a way


long-lasting experience with any kind of barge services Canals and rivers are trendy


You think it can’t fly? We make things happen


We provide professional guidance and work out logistics concepts of any kind, regardless of how big or how small a logistic project would be. You know what, we know how


Industrial relocations are unique, so are our services