7WL finished delivery of overdimensional crane girder incl. equipment to Hungary

7 Worldwide Logistics


7WL was nominated by their customer to move 3 sets of overhead cranes incl. equipment for a new automotive factory of a german car brand.

After around 2-3 month of planning and some small changes in delivery plan the units were loaded at factory in Eastern Germany in two LOTs and delivered after 2 transport nights to final site in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Transport volume:

3 crane girder / 3750 x 420 x 250cm / 38.000kgs per girder 3 crane girder / 3750 x 400 x 250cm / 36.000kgs per girder 3  Trolley / 540 x 470 x 250cm / 18.000kgs per trolley + 4 trucks with spare parts and testing equipment

Due to length and width of transport we were confronted with the narrow entrance at factory in Hungary.

After a site visit together with customer, receiver and some partners, 7WL was able to manage the bottle neck and agreed a few modifications at destination so that the trucks finally were able to enter the facility.

Everything was done without any problem or delay and the 3 overhead cranes were already installed and actually the last test are running.