USX Legs ex Germany till Site USA

7 Worldwide Logistics

04.06.2021 7WL is just executing another transport for one of their main customers. 2 pieces of USX Legs as well as some cases accessories are actually on the Atlantic Ocean heading to US Port Houston.

Cargo details:

1848 x 127 x 168 cms / 8950kg 2145 x 127 x 175 cms / 10990kg

Although the units are not very heavy or very huge – a good preparation of the complete logistics chain was needed.

The pipes of the USX are very sensitive and it’s mandatory to support the packages on specific places to avoid as much vibration as possible.

As POL was Bremen / Neustädter Hafen choosen which is only a few kilometer far away from 7WL Office. As extra service 7WL has arranged 2 second inspection from official side for getting the wood packing certified by authorities. With this the import via Houston to US should be going well and we can finish the transport without any issues.