Next Project by 7WL – MDF Wood and Recycling Plant to Egypt

7 Worldwide Logistics


7WL is proud to report about another project that has just recently started to become operational and is on the move now. We have been nominated to handle the complete logistics chain for a new MDF Wood plant in combination with a Recycling Part.

The volume for Seafreight consists of around 150 x 40’HC – partly SOC –  plus 150 Flats / OT / Mafi Units with overdimensions/heavy lifts from Northern Europe to Egyptian port of Alexandria. Only the pre-carriage-transports to our packing/stuffing-terminals in the various loadports is consisting of another 250 normal-truck-transports by 13,6 m taut-liners and 100 special transports by various truck/trailer-types for overdimensional transports and heavy lifts.

On top of that, some parts are coming from USA as well as from Canada and same have been awarded to 7WL as well.

We have just started with the collection of the 1st units from different locations to our warehouse. The seaworthy packing and also the labelling is included into our scope as well so that the complete chain from A to Z is under 7WLs scope.

Thanks to our customer for the trust into our work – we will be happy to bring in all our passion and experience to make it “happen”..