Another Impressive Heavy Cargo Delivery by #7WL #WITS

7 Worldwide Logistics

15.09.2023 At #7WL, we are always in pursuit of new challenges, continuously striving to redefine excellence in logistics. Our latest mission, nominated by a valued customer, was yet another exceptional journey.

Our task involved transporting an imposing Hackrotor, measuring 470x320x250 cm and boasting an impressive weight of 27 tons, all the way from the supplier to China.

The transport of this oversized cargo was masterfully handled by #TAG, spanning across Eastern Europe and concluding at the Port of Hamburg.

Considering the remarkable dimensions of the cargo, we strategically chose to carry out the packaging at the #SWT-Terminal. Here, #WITS sprang into action, expertly coordinating seaworthy packaging that transformed the dimensions to 650 x 380 x 385 cm and a total weight of 49.2 tons.

Following this meticulous packaging process, the cargo embarked on an extraordinary voyage with MV COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS, setting sail from Hamburg on May 29, 2023, and reaching Nansha on July 7, 2023, where it continued to its final destination.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the parties involved in this remarkable delivery. It was a testament to seamless collaboration and meticulous planning. Every aspect of this operation unfolded smoothly.

Stay tuned for more extraordinary logistics adventures from #7WL.