Dismantled Press to India by 7WL

7 Worldwide Logistics

21.6.2021 A few weeks ago 7WL has been approached by one of their business partners in order to help them with a special shipment of a dismantled press for requested destination  Ennore or Mundra, India.

Cargo consisted of following items:

1 x Main Body  765/500/250 cm/  105.000 kg

1 x Case 840/295/120 cm / 6.000 kg

2 x Cases 1350/370/370 cm / each 38.000 kg

1 x Case 270/230/280 cm /  28.000 kg

The critical points were discovered very fast – Unit weight above 100 tons in connection with the possible ports of destination.

7WL has started to look on the market about possible options – especially in order to avoid a part charter basis minimum inducement.

After several talks with our possible partners an option was found – Mafi via Jebel Ali to Mundra. Luckily the main vessel calling Antwerp at time of shipment got a suitable ramp capacity and after several conference calls incl. carrier / agent / shipper / supercargo also the technical aspects with regards to packed cargo on mafi and the questions about lashing points could be solved.

Our shipment is now heading to Jebel Ali with further connection to Mundra and we are really delight to share same.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to our customer for his trust into us, but a special “Thanks” goes as well to the TO Team Bremen for their support..