Another busy week for 7WL in Switzerland

7 Worldwide Logistics


7WL moved first quite huge items from site in Switzerland to Antwerp. Dims of the largest items:

2500 x 450 x 470cm with a weight of 50 tons

1350 x 350 x 460cm with a weight of 30 tons

1350 x 350 x 420cm with a weight of 28 tons

The challenge this time was the first snow in the region around the lake of Geneve and the fact the we were not allowed to travel over the highway and had to pass through a lot of villages.

Due to the Christmas time and the local Christmas markets it was a challenge to find a workable route without ‚crashing‘ the markets.

Our team of partners like #Friderici special & ITS Reinach managed everything with success and the in total around 50 units found their way to Antwerp.

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