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Another Impressive Heavy Cargo Delivery by #7WL #WITS

15.09.2023 At #7WL, we are always in pursuit of new challenges, continuously striving to redefine excellence in logistics. Our latest mission, nominated by a valued customer, was yet another exceptional journey. Our task involved transporting an imposing Hackrotor, measuring 470x320x250 cm and boasting an impressive weight of 27 tons, all the way from the supplier […]


14.09.2023 In April we already announced that the 7WL Project Team is busy with handling press line equipment for one of our main customers. Last week we loaded next BBK shipment for current / new project up to YANTIAN on Container Vessel MV “OOCL Turkiye” on a bed of 5×40’FR. The cargo was originally collected […]

Breaking Boundaries: Safely Shipping of 2 heavy Steam Drums from Masan to the Persian Gulf Area

13.09.2023 We’re thrilled to share another successful transportation endeavor at 7WL! Our latest project involved the precarriage of two massive steam drums, each measuring 1362x381x402 cm and weighing an impressive 120 tons each, from suppliers factory in Masan to the Persian Gulf Area. This was a challenging undertaking that required meticulous planning and precise execution. […]

From North to South across borders

08.05.2023 We are delight to share some news about a quite challenging cross trade handled by the 7WL project team in Bremen. Around 8 months ago the 7WL Team has been approached to arrange the first transport studies on behalf of 7WLs regular customer for 2 Heavy Lifts (Ram + Plate) ex Windsor, CAN till […]

Reels to Shanghai

20.04.2023 After several weeks of preparation in close consultation with the Exporter, 7WL can proudly announce another successful move of Heavy Cargo. The “difficulty” to overcome in this case was the almost 40 tons per reel with 2 reels in total to move. With the 7WL team those difficulties were handled and solved in no […]

7WL moves heating equipment to Egypt

24.02.2023 7WL can report another successfully completed project. On behalf of our partner from Egypt, we took over 3 boilers as well as various containers with accessories from a well-known manufacturer in the seaport of Hamburg and shipped them to Alexandria, Egypt. The boilers had a weight of approx. 55 tons, dimensions of nearly 10 […]

Bitumen Tanks ex Germany to France

15.02.2023 7WL just recently finished another inland OOG transport job for one of their customers. After a preparation time of a few weeks 7WL managed the loading of the 3 bitumen tanks from loading point close to Hanover without any problems and successfully arranged the planned delivery after 2 transport nights to  the unloading place […]